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Alt 12.07.2013, 01:25   #1
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Standard Militante Atheisten vergiften Engel per Chemtrail

Wer sich schon immer mal gefragt hat, wo ein deutlich weiteres Verständnis von Redefreiheit hinführt... Sollte mal in die USA gucken:

Perfidulo: Ich hatte erst vor, einen Roman darüber [über das verschwundene Mittelalter] zu schreiben.
Groschenjunge: Was ist der Unterschied zum Jetzt?
Perfidulo: Es quasseln nicht dauernd Leute dazwischen.
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Alt 12.07.2013, 10:33   #2
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Der Artikel scheint inzwischen passwortgeschützt zu sein...
Die freiheitlich-demokratischen Ideale und Werte, die sich jetzt auch im Grundgesetz finden, wurden während der Aufklärung gegen die sich auf Gott und Bibel berufenden Kirchen durchgesetzt. Und weder der Gott Jahwe des Alten Testaments noch der Vater Jesus Christi, noch beide in einer Person, noch Allah vertreten die Werte unseres freiheitlich-demokratischen Staates. Sie müssen sie erst noch erlernen. (Gerd Lüdemann, Theologieprofessor)
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Alt 12.07.2013, 10:44   #3
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Zitat von Acolina Beitrag anzeigen
Der Artikel scheint inzwischen passwortgeschützt zu sein...
Stimmt. Aber das Internet vergisst so schnell nicht:

Are Militant Atheists Using Chemtrails to Poison the Angels in Heaven?

With the scourges of typhus, malaria and dengue fever raging through communities in the 1940s, the United States government did a curious thing. They loaded up airplanes with the chemical DDT and commenced aerial spraying to wipe out the insects spreading these diseases. At first, the technology behind such dispersals was crude, but over time it became sophisticated and efficient. This public usage of DDT, both in the air and on the streets of our cities, continued into the 1950s. In the 1960s, sky dusting advanced considerably. The chief reason was the widespread use of Agent LNX (“Agent Orange”) during the war in Vietnam. Agent Orange was employed as an herbicide and defoliant meant to reduce the agricultural resources of the communist Vietnamese. As we know today, both DDT and Agent Orange had devastating affects on human populations.

For those of us who grew up in farming communities, this technology is not an abstract concept. Crop dusting is a common site in rural America. It’s an essential way to spread seed and pesticide. We encounter it often in the planting season. Many other Americans unwittingly witness a very different application of the idea of crop dusting on a nearly daily basis. This is known as “chemtrails.”

Chemtrails are the aerial spraying trails left by large aircraft, both commercial and federal, that are not associated with farming. Millions of images of these sky dispersals can be found on the internet. You will see thick plumes of dense whiteness ejected from the backs of jetliners with purposeful squirts. They are not continuous, but rather sporadic when planes reach a particular altitude. When such substances are released, they become hyper-heated in the atmosphere to attain a canopy-like distribution above targeted regions. Leaked images of these chemical containers in the bodies of large-sized aircraft regularly surface on the internet, underscoring the veracity of these claims.

The American public has never quite grasped the purpose of all this spraying. Officials in the Obama administration have long refused to even talk about these efforts, though some have suggested that super spy Edward Snowden may leak details of this widespread project if forced against the wall by the international community. As we have seen with other government programs, the ultimate result here is not likely to be a beneficial one.

In various online communities there has been vigorous debate about what chemtrails actually mean. Some believe they spread barium as a highly-sensitive electromagnetic missile defense system. Others postulate they contain compounds that attack our blood cells and ultimately reduce populations, much like the fluoridation of our water supplies. The rise in disease and other unexplained medical phenomena does strangely coincide with the popularization of chemtrails.

Yet another theory that has been gaining traction and deserves serious consideration is that America’s massive science-industrial complex is attempting a most dangerous experiment. Since Lyndon Johnson’s presidency, we have seen a grave movement towards science-based strategic thinking in all forms of national policy. Whole swathes of government have been taken over by academic PhDs with an intense obsession with scientism. From the National Science Board to the Department of Education, from NASA to the National Institute of Standards, a powerful cadre of elite intellectuals is seizing control. A common thread amongst these activist bureaucrats is a love of science over God.

Links to Radical Atheist Movement

President George W. Bush famously fought against the scientists entrenched in his administration. At many points they promoted evolution “theory” and “global warming” over good old-fashioned common sense. They tried to uproot Christianity in our schools through activist judges. And while President Bush fought the good fight, he ultimately did not win the battle. The long line of anti-theists ruling the inner halls of power since Lyndon Johnson remained in control.

So what is at the heart of this secret society of globalist atheism? One of their most significant concerns is the power of Faith. They despise the Glory of Jesus and the hope that He brings to countless Americans. The atheists are so insanely dedicated to their obscene cult they will try just about anything to destroy every remnant of Christian Love on this earth. As this sickening obsession was wed to advances in aerial spraying technology in the last century, one can surmise the evil compound that resulted. In this formula, it seems quite logical that the atheist’s next step would be to attempt the widespread murder of Jesus’s very Heavenly Agents of Love.

Angels. They are much more than a Christian bedtime story. They are much more than the sweet flutterings in the ears of believers. Angels are quite literally the factory workers of faith. They are tireless and everywhere. They accomplish innumerable feats, from minor pangs of guilt to the throbbing passions of love. The angels are there to guide us, to inspire us and, ultimately, to remind us of our obligation to Jesus. The fly through the air at His beckoning. They are gentle and ever willing. We would be far less human and humane were it not for the angels. And that is exactly why atheists fear the power of angels.

Atheists shake with contempt at the thought of love and decency. Their whole lives are dedicated to nothingness, to the gaping void of pain that nihilism defines. Indeed, atheists love pain. They love pain in their sexual rituals, in their drug addictions and in their secret globalist power schemes. Why do we have war? It’s the atheists who spread contempt of God and invite such reckless notions of communism and Islam.

Will Atheistic Science Annihilate Love and Prayer?

As secret atheist scientists in government pursue their goals of undermining Jesus in America, it only stands to reason that they would take their battle to the skies. The aerial dogfight is likely a vicious one. Who knows what advances they have made since the days of DDT and Agent Orange. Yet fight on they do, every single day! Our heavens are coated in a thick aerosol haze of spiritual hate and this nation’s faith is sinking.

In our lifetime, the United States has been bombarded by supposedly “natural” disasters and terrorist attacks. Religion is at an all time low, while sodomy and perversion are at epic heights. Clearly the overlap of these symptoms with the widespread usage of chemtrails is more than just a coincidence. Clearly the astonishing rise of militant atheism in America must factor in. So what is the ultimate answer to the mystery of the chemtrails? Have Heaven’s angels forsaken us for such an offensive maneuver? Or are they actually losing, dying off in plumes of jetliner butchery? Surely America’s atheists in the great halls of government are asking these very same questions.
Even people who are a pain in the arse can stimulate new thinking.
Vaughan Bell, Institute of Psychiatry, London
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Alt 12.07.2013, 11:05   #4
Benutzerbild von Acolina
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Danke dir. Ich wollte nicht vor meinem ersten Kaffee schon auf die Suche gehen, nun habe ich Kaffee und den Artikel
Die freiheitlich-demokratischen Ideale und Werte, die sich jetzt auch im Grundgesetz finden, wurden während der Aufklärung gegen die sich auf Gott und Bibel berufenden Kirchen durchgesetzt. Und weder der Gott Jahwe des Alten Testaments noch der Vater Jesus Christi, noch beide in einer Person, noch Allah vertreten die Werte unseres freiheitlich-demokratischen Staates. Sie müssen sie erst noch erlernen. (Gerd Lüdemann, Theologieprofessor)
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Alt 14.07.2013, 05:48   #5
Torsten Migge
Lebendes Foren-Inventar
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Ort: "Mainhattan" Westend (Frankfurt a.M.) & Cali, Colombia (Kolumbien)
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Link/Artikel funzt bei mir ohne Probleme

"Politik ist die Unterhaltungsabteilung der Rüstungsindustrie"
Frank Zappa
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Alt 14.07.2013, 08:01   #6
Lebendes Foren-Inventar
Benutzerbild von perfidulo
Registriert seit: 10.12.2005
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Link/Artikel funzt bei mir ohne Probleme
Bei mir auch und ich habe mir die Sache nächer angeschaut.

Es ist ein so wirres Zeug, daß man an einen Hoax glauben möchte. Weil gerade in einem anderen Thread dazu diskutiert wurde


1. Long, hot baths
The masturbator exudes a filthy ripeness after he’s “finished his business.” Beyond the odor of sweat, he will smell like a curious mixture of laundry bleach and damp almonds. To counteract this, Mothers should admonish their boys to take long, hot baths and to be very thorough in there. By emphasizing cleanliness, you are laying the foundation for the mature responsibilities of adulthood.
und hier


That’s when the masturbation begins. Taunts and tears keep the young man going at first. He will push himself to physical extremes, risking penile fracture, infertility, homosexuality and much worse.
Studies have shown that masturbation addicts are disproportionately represented in the under- and unemployed. Close to 98% of marijuana smokers and those serving time in prison are masturbators.
Indeed, those who focus on math and the sciences in their academics tend to favor masturbation far more, while teens who devote themselves to athletics are lured into this trap significantly less.
Shunned from the workplace, the masturbator takes refuge in his nasty habit, devoting increasing amounts of resources to locate the perfect bed, the most pliable pillow and the fastest internet connection. It’s not long before fapping becomes a gateway to marijuana, as the unemployed and disgrace addict seeks some way to escape the horror of his sour fate. Sadomasochism, welfare, crystal meth, a life of crime and even prison await the young man who has tumbled into this downward spiral.
Wehret den Anfängen. Das Internet ist der sichere Weg ins Verderben. Da muß ich mir erst mal eine Tüte drehen und das Kissen zurechtrücken bevor mich die Bullen in den Knast stecken.
Vor jeder Antwort beachten: Ich bin kein Adept der Fantomzeit!
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