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Atlantis Gab es dies sagenumwobene Reich? Wo lag es? Gibt es Auswirkungen bis zum heutigen Tag? Wie beeinflusste es unsere Entwicklung?

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Standard Tarshish as Great Britain and the paradox with Atlantis

Tarshish as Great Britain and the paradox with Atlantis

Book: Atlantis as Babylon roodgoudvanparvaim.nl/

What does Tarshish in Ezekiel 38:13 mean and what is it’s relation with Atlantis?

There is a second important country in the Bible, apart from Israel. This mysterious country or better island is called Tarshish in Ezekiel 38:13. Ezekiel lived shortly before Plato so Tarshish could not be Plato’s Atlantis that had faden away 9000 earlier (Critias 108). Even more, Ezekiel 38:13 seems to be a prohecy for the End Times. This means that Tarshish still exists in our day. It was located in the west since the prophet Jonah tried to escape to Tarshish from the harbour of Yafo (Jonah 1:3). Tarshish cannot be Sri Lanka for this reason. As Atlantis cannot simply be Greenland, Cuba or Antarctica.

Many christians connected Tarshish with another mysterious place named Tartessos that seemed to have been located in Andalusia. But no one knows for sure what Tartessos exactly was? Was it a ‘river’, a ‘city’ or an area in Andalusia (Ecob, 2017, paragraph 14)? Most likely Tartessos was the arabic name for Tarshish (Ecob, 2017, under Summary, nr. 3). So what was Tarshish? An inscription by the Assyrian king EsarHaddon described Tarshish as being an island (Elat in Thompson & Skaggs, 2013, chapter: 3.2 Philological considerations).

Ezekiel 38:13 teaches us clearly of a mighty sea power with colonies. Another question: who won the Falkland War during the 1980’s? It was England. What else could Tarshish be than Great Britain or in a broader sense, Great Britain and Ireland? It was Jonah who tried to escape to Scotland that could have been already in his time a safe harbour for “desperado’s from the Middle East and Europe. This means that at least during the reign of King Salomo there was trading with England (1 Kings 10:22; 22:48; 2 Chronicles 20:37). King Salomo even used Tarshis Ships that were three years underway (1 Kings 10:22). These ships could have easily sailed to America.

But is Great Britain Atlantis?

Tarshish aka Great Britain is not Atlantis but there is certainly an Atlantis aura over Great Britain. In Isaiah 2:16 we read about God’s final judgment on the British Empire when many of it’s ships will be destroyed. Around the same time God will destroy Babylon with a mighty earthquake that will also affect Great Britain (Revelation 16:18).

There seems to be a direct connection between Great Britain and Babylon during the End Times. Why will God destroy the British fleet? Because they trade all kinds of corrupt stuff like ivory and even human slaves as we read in Revelation 18:12. And the aborted trip from Jonah to Tarshish (Jonah 1:4) resonated with the Brexit. Is Tarshish/England really the western dimension of Tzaphon and a part of the EndTimes Atlantis story? Much depends of how we look at it.

King Salomo’s trade with Tarshish, the inscription of King Esarhaddon and Jonah’s escape to Tarshish prove that the Strait of Gibraltar was NOT unnavigable due to the mud of a sunken Atlantis as Plato stated in Timaeus 25. How did Plato anyway know of the existence of America if the Strait of Gibraltar was unnavigable (Timaeus 25)? Rumours about Tarshish may have influenced Plato’s Atlantis story. And who was Plato anyway?


Ecob, J. (2017, 5 juni). Tarshish - Britain or Spain? [Blogpost]. Geraadpleegd van http://www.heraldofhope.org.au/tarsh...tain-or-spain/

Thompson, C. M., & Skaggs, C. (2013). King Solomon's Silver? Southern Phoenician Hacksilber Hoards and the Location of Tarshish. Internet Archaeology, 6(35), 1-2. doi:10.11141/ia.35.6

Read more: http://atlantisrisingforums.proboard...#ixzz5IOp6fvoE
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