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Kryptozoologie Lebende Saurier? Meeresungeheuer? Die Bewohner von Loch Ness und Verwandte sind hier das Thema.

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Alt 05.07.2003, 19:52   #1
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Daumen hoch Amazon 'Mystery' Fish Is a New Species (engl.)

Scientists: Amazon 'Mystery' Fish Is a New Species

SAO PAULO, Brazil (Reuters) - Scientists in Brazil's Amazon say they have discovered a new fish, something that has not happened for more than a century, and hope to categorize the small eel-like creature by the end of the year.

"It's a new species which will require us to create a new genus and a whole new family to accommodate it," Jansen Zuanon, head aquatic biology researcher at Brazil's National Amazon Research Institute, or Inpa, told Reuters on Thursday.

Swiss Inpa researcher Ilse Walker came across the fish in 1999 while carrying out research on shrimp in flood plains near Manaus, the capital of Amazonas state. Since then a team of four researchers have studied several specimen.

"It still doesn't have a name," Zuanon said. "We have been calling it the mystery fish because it didn't fit into any group... It's long-bodied with a mixture of characteristics which are quite different from any other Amazon fish group."

"A new family of fish hasn't been categorized in probably the last 150 years," the biologist said, adding that the discovery of new species was quite common.

The finding is the latest example of the diversity of the Amazon, an area of tropical forest larger than Western Europe that is home to up to 30 percent of the planet's animal and plant species.

The fish has a long thin body like an eel, but also has a full set of fins, Zuanon said. Although the carnivore only measures about 6 inches, it has a tail like the Pirarucu, one of the world's largest freshwater fish.

Curiously it also has up to 10 air chambers, compared to the usual two or three that fish use to hold their position underwater, leading the scientists to believe it can breathe at the surface, Zuanon said.

"As far as we know it eats small shrimps and aquatic insects, it reproduces at the start of the rains, and has this extra breathing ability... and it doesn't just depend on oxygen that has been dissolved in the water," he said.

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Amazon 'Mystery' Fish Is a New Species
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Alt 05.07.2003, 20:27   #2
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Das Ganze nochmal auf deutsch kurz zusammengefasst:

Brasilianische Wissenschaftler haben die Entdeckung einer geheimnisvollen Fischart verkündet, die als «wichtigste der letzten 150 Jahre in der Unterwasser-Zoologie gilt». Der im Amazonas-Regenwald entdeckte, etwa 15 Zentimeter lange und einem Aal ähnelnde Süßwasserfisch sei vorläufig «Mysterium» (Geheimnis) getauft worden, teilte das wissenschaftliche Regenwald- Institut Inpa nach Medienberichten vom Freitag in Manaus, der Hauptstadt des Bundeslandes Amazonas, weiter mit.
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