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Entführungen im Zusammenhang mit dem UFO-Phänomen Gibt es Entführungen durch UFOs? Was steckt hinter diesen Berichten?

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Alt 06.12.2002, 17:42   #1
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Standard Interessanter Entführungsfall in Brasilien

Auf der Internetseite http://www.rense.com/general32/abduct.htm könnt Ihr über einen sehr spektakulären Fall einer Entführung durch ein UFO in Erfahrung bringen, bei den spektakuläre Spuren (Verkohlungen im Bett und an der Decke, deren Umrisse an eine menschliche Person erinnern) zurückblieben!
Ein Fälscher müsste sich hier schon größere Mühe gemacht haben...
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Alt 06.12.2002, 18:27   #2
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Folgendes E-Mail habe ich heute 'reinbekommen:

Forwarded by: fwestra@hetnet.nl (Frits Westra)
Originally from: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net>
(by way of UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net>)
Original Subject: UFO UpDate: Man Abducted In Brazil - Hoax! Original
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 2002 12:24:13 -0500

========================== Forwarded message begins ======================

From: Thiago Luiz Ticchetti <thiagolt@opengate.com.br>
To: <ufoupdates@virtuallystrange.net>
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 09:50:53 -0200
Subject: Man Abducted In Brazil - Hoax!

Please my friends, this is very important.

Thiago Luiz Ticchetti
Vice-Presidente da Entidade Brasileira de Estudos Extraterrestres (EBE-ET)



From: A. J. Gevaerd (Revista UFO)
Sent: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 8:01 PM
Subject: Man Abducted In Brazil - HOAX

Dear friends:

Please let everybody know that this is a campaign to promote the
biggest UFO hoaxer of all times in Brazil, Urandir Fernandes de
Oliveira, who has actually created a sect of fanatics around
him, composed of people who blindly believe in his alleged ET
contacts and healing powers, none of them ever confirmed.

The man has been repeatedly exposed as hoaxer and many people
from his sect, after waking up to reality, have come forward to
describe Urandir's tricks. His last great attempt to go public
in Brazil and overseas happened last year, when he invented that
a UFO had crashed at his friend's farm. It was only another of
his hoaxes, perpetrated to attract people to his activities, to
which they are invited to join if they pay a considerable amount
of money. His history is all fake and the man is fastly becoming
a millionaire with his obscure agenda, supported by thousands of
fanatics. Urandir is largely rejected by 99% of the Brazilian
UFO Community, who perfectly knows that he is nothing but a
hoaxer. This story bellow is NOT to be taken seriously, as no
responsible UFO researcher has been allowed to scrutinize the
scenario and the alleged case.

A. J. Gevaerd,
Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine



Man Abducted In Brazil -
Amazing Photos Of Scene
By Felipe Castelo Branco

Note - All Photos And Text Copyright 2002-03 Felipe Castelo Branco
All Rights Reserved. May Not Be Reproduced
Without Specific Written Permission

Hello Jeff....I would like to share a couple of photos of the
traces found after an abduction took place in a farm house near
the city of Campo Grande, about 1300 kilometers nothwest of Rio
de Janeiro. The event was witnessed by 28 people present in the
farm (I was there as well), who saw the big "disc of light"
(maybe 50 meters in diameter) hover silently above the house
about 100 meters high... then the disc shot down a blueish beam
of light on the house and "abducted" a man who was lying on his
bed. This was around 8:00 pm and when we broke in the bedroom,
there was this intense ozone smell. We were all very amazed to
have witnessed such a phenomena. The man who was abducted
returned after 48 hours and had a lot to say about his
experience (it was his 3rd abduction). Our group has been
studying the UFO phenomena in this area for the past 6 years.



========================== Forwarded message ends ========================

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Alt 09.12.2002, 14:02   #3
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Im Grunde genommen gut, daß sich dieser Fall als Hoax herausgestellt hat!
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