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Psychologie & Parapsychologie Remote Viewing, Präkognition, aber auch Spuk und was es da noch so alles an den Grenzen der Psychologie gibt.

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Standard Können Erinnerungen uns als pure Energie überleben?


Ich habe gerade einen interessanten Artikel von Michael Jawer auf einer Psychologie Website gefunden:


Dabei fiel mir vor Allem dieser Teil ins Auge:

However, the degree to which these children show heightened emotion in recounting these apparent memories is a tipoff, to me, that something truly significant is going on. A boy like James Leininger shows all the hallmarks of PTSD at age two; why should he? We can get a sense for the answer by realizing how fear – that most elemental of feelings – puts our entire being on red alert. The pupils dilate, muscles are tensed, and respiration is increased as the body prepares to fight, flee, or freeze. Meanwhile, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis springs into action by releasing a cascade of hormones that serve to marshal bodily energy. If we are indeed in mortal peril, our entire bodymind tenses like a spring ready to snap. Our senses are honed to a fine edge: we notice every detail that could affect our existence.

But consider what would ensue if all that energy had no outlet – if, because of a sudden accident or foul play, someone could neither fight nor flee but were trapped in freeze mode? We know that rats that are given even a mild shock somehow transfer the fear associated with the particular stimulus on to their pups, and even to their pups’ pups. Could there be a mechanism, somewhere between life and death, where memories associated with the struggling person’s circumstances are preserved? It would be akin to the echoes, preserved down the eons, of the Big Bang observable through faint but distinct background radiation. Except in the cases we are considering, the intensity of the person’s feelings – his or her life energy, self-awareness and being – might somehow be captured in a fusion of space and time. This 'imprint' might become available for another, nascent life form – not “his” or “her” memories (as in reincarnation) but a transmutation just the same.
Was haltet ihr von dieser Idee?

Das wäre eine interessante Basis, mit der man der Frage "Produziert der Mensch Bewusstsein oder wird Bewusstsein in irgendeiner Form "empfangen"?" auch näher kommen könnte.

Dazu möchte ich gerne noch ein Kommentar unter dem Artikel zitieren:

In your last paragraph, you speculate about these memories as being possibly a kind of imprint of someone else's emotionally charged memories onto a nascent being. You say that this imprint mechanism could explain these cases, and that it may not necessarily be reincarnation. This is very interesting thought, and it gives rise to two thoughts in me:

The first thought pertains to the cases where there are actual birthmarks which match the death in the prior life. As I'm sure you know, Ian Stevenson describes multiple cases where he measures the location, size, and shape of the child's birthmark. He then finds the autopsy record of the prior life and discovers that the death wound matches the current life birthmark in location, size, and shape. So if it is an imprint of some kind, it must somehow, sometimes at least, imprint on the physical level as well.

However, the second thought that comes to my mind is actually an issue that makes me question whether the imprint mechanism you describe is at work. The experience of memory and identity is different from the experience of images and stories appearing in the mind. Memory has a sensation associated to it that tells us we're remembering. Identity has a sensation with it that tells us "that's me I'm experiencing." In the cases I've read about in Stevenson's and Tucker's work, most of these children express strongly the feeling of memory and of identity - of having actually been someone else. They say "my family" when referring to the past life family. They do not say "I'm dreaming of..." some person, or "Why are these stories and images coming to me?" Instead, they insist that they actually were these people. In some cases there is strong emotional connection with the prior family. Some cases want to return to their other family and feel homesick. My point is that the sensations of remembering and identity are different from the sensations of having images separate from oneself or thinking stories. That's what makes me think that the more likely explanation is reincarnation and not imprinting of someone else's memories
Hier kommt auch noch eine physikalisch manifestierte "Übertragung" ins Spiel in Form von Geburtsmalen.
Spread hope and compassion
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