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...was dann aber offenbar kein Horizont ist, womit diese Analogie zumindest hinfällig wird.

Falsch. Was dein Link belegt ist eine völlig andere Art von Korrespondenz, die mit der eigentlichen Fragestellung gar nichts zu tun hat - siehe auch mein vorheriger Beitrag dazu.
Ein Korrespondenz kann auch andere Analogien beschreiben.
Siehe hier die Aussage von Verlinde:
Many physicists believe that gravity, and space-time geometry are emergent. Also string theory and its related developments have given several indications in this direction. Particularly important clues come from the AdS/CFT, or more generally, the open/closed string correspondence. This correspondence leads to a duality between theories that contain gravity and those that don’t. It therfore provides evidence for the fact that gravity can emerge from a microscopic description that doesn’t know about its existence.
The universality of gravity suggests that its emergence should be understood from general principles that are independent of the specific details of the underlying microscopic theory. In this paper we will argue that the central notion needed to derive gravity is information. More precisely, it is the amount of information associated with matter and its location, in whatever form the microscopic theory likes to have it, measured in terms of entropy. Changes in this entropy when matter is displaced leads to an entropic force, which as we will show takes the form of gravity. Its origin therefore lies in the tendency of the microscopic theory to maximize its entropy.The most important assumption will be that the information associated with a part of space obeys the holographic principle. The strongest supporting evidence for the holographic principle comes from black hole physics and the AdS/CFT correspondence. These theoretical developments indicate that at least part of the microscopic degrees of freedom can be represented holographically either on the boundary of space-time or on horizons.
Aber ich denke, man kann Dir hunderte Beispiele zeigen, Du wirst nur deinen eigenen Vorstellungen folgen und alles andere als falsch deklarieren!
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