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05.04.2004, 19:01
Nahe der Südküste Australiens sind vor ein paar Tagen Kornkreise erschienen. Angeblich seien sie auch ziemlich authentisch ...

LARGE crop circles with unbroken stems have mysteriously appeared in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Residents of the small town of Conondale, west of Maleny, say they are baffled by the large areas of flattened grass.

Crop circle enthusiast Chris White gave the complex designs an eight out of 10.

"You can't imagine anyone faking these because the seed heads would be broken and it doesn't look like it's been trampled or crushed.

"There were people in England who set out to do a hoax . . . but even they couldn't fake it.

"This definitely looks like the real thing."

Retired teacher Kate Dash visited the circles on Ahern Rd and said she doesn't believe the patterns are man-made.

"I've been to England to study crop circles for the last five years.

"This looks authentic to me," Ms Dash said.

"The way the grass has been flattened is amazing and would be almost impossible to do as the circles are beautifully symmetrical."

Both crop circle enthusiasts said they had nothing to do with making the circles, which are generally associated with UFOs.

But the property's owner, who does not want to be named, said there was a much simpler explanation for the crop circles.

"It's the wind creating a whirly-whirly. It spins around in the long grass and that creates the circle," he said.


14.04.2004, 16:01
hm..., sind dass die 1. bekannten Kornkreise in Australien oder was?